Registration requirements and deadlines vary by college and program (see schedule below).

Student enrollment instructions can be found here:
GUS Student Enrollment Instructions

General instructions for GUS are available here:
GUS General Student Instructions

Spring 2020 Registration Calendar

Colleges of Health Professions, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, Graduate School 

Oct 28- Nov 8     Early Registration (excludes new students in COPH and CON
Dec 2- Jan 12      Regular Registration
Jan 13-17             Late Registration

College of Medicine

The College of Medicine does not host a regular Spring enrollment period. Spring enrollment is handled administratively and will be completed in GUS according to the dates below.

November 1-12 for M3 and M4 students
November 13-22 for M1 and M2 students

College of Pharmacy 

The College of Pharmacy does not host a Spring enrollment period. Spring enrollment dates are listed below.

October 9-11- P4 will be administratively enrolled for Spring 2020
October 28-November 1- P3 students will self-enroll in their electives
November 25-29 – P1, P2 and P3 (core and Special Problems) will be enrolled administratively

Clinton School of Public Service

Clinton School students are administratively enrolled and do not have open registration dates in GUS. Administrative enrollment in GUS will be completed for students February 11-14, 2020.


Resources and Tools for Registration

The course catalog was renumbered effective Fall 2016.  If you encounter a course number in an advising document or your college catalog that is not found in GUS, please contact the Office of the University Registrar with the location of the incorrect course number.


Please contact (501) 526-5600 or with any questions.