Graduation Application

Students who plan to graduate must submit an Application for Graduation through GUS. The application provides the Office of the University Registrar with essential information about the student’s degree and expected graduation term/year. It also puts the student’s name on the diploma order, degree posting and commencement lists. Failure to complete the application promptly may result in a delay in the graduation arrangements or omission from the commencement programs. All students, regardless of participation in Commencement proceedings, MUST complete an application for graduation for the term they expect to graduate.

Fall 2017 Graduation Application Period – September 11th – November 1st

Questions? Here are some frequently asked questions regarding graduation and applying.

Q: I submitted an application for a previous term but needed to defer my graduation date, do I need to submit a new one?
A: Yes, students who defer their graduation date will need to submit a new application for the term they intend to graduate. If you already paid your graduation fee in a prior term, you will be refunded the amount and recharged the fee in the next term you apply to graduate.

Q: I know that I won’t be graduating this term, what do I do?
A: Contact the Office of the University Registrar via email ( to update your graduation date. Also, inform your program and advisor of your intended change.

Q: Is there a graduation fee?
A: Yes, each college has a graduation fee. Visit Student Financial Services for information specifically related to your college. The fee will usually be charged within a week of submitting your graduation application and will be available to see in your GUS account.

Q: Can I use my financial aid for my graduation fee?
A: Yes, in some cases you can use financial aid to cover your graduation fee. However, it comes down to timing. You must apply to graduate BEFORE your financial disbursement is released (usually prior to the start of the term). If you apply for graduation after your financial aid has disbursed and applied to your UAMS account balance, you will be responsible for paying any new or remaining charges yourself.

Q: I applied, now what?
A: Check your UAMS email throughout the semester for important updates and notifications. The Office of the University Registrar will review your academic record to determine your graduation eligibility. You will be contacted if a problem arises.

Q: I have transfer credit I need to have sent to UAMS. When do I need to send this?
A: You should send your transfer credit and appropriate transfer credit approval form (if required) as far in advance as possible. The absolute last day for the Office of the University Registrar to receive an official transcript from another institution and post your degree for the term you applied is the day before graduation for that term.

Q: My instructor hasn’t entered my grades yet and graduation is tomorrow! What do I do?
A: Check with your instructor to ensure that you have completed all missing assignments. All grades for graduating students must be officially entered in GUS by the day before the official start date of the next semester.