Meet OUR Team

Name and Contact Information

Area of Responsibilities

UAMS Staff 

Clinton Everhart
Associate Provost for Enrollment Services and University Registrar

Phone: (501) 686-5113
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Overall management of all Registrar functions
  • Student records compliance, document retention and FERPA
  • Inter-departmental coordination and college collaboration
  • GUS testing, implementation and management
UAMS Staff 

Maryland Avery
Manager of Operations

Phone: (501) 320-7599
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Diploma requests and processing
  • Graduation application and Commencement Regalia
  • Collection, coordination, compilation of Policies and Procedures
  • Front desk management, office calendar, purchasing, student files and other project support
  • UAMS Employee Tuition Discounts
UAMS Staff 

Charlotte Gass
Associate University Registrar

Phone: (501) 526-6040
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Veteran Services, VA Certification and coordination with VA offices
  • Tuition Waivers, Arkansas Residency Reclassification requests and general exceptions
UAMS Staff 

Pattie Hamilton
Registrar for Enrollment and Registration

Phone: (501) 686-5455
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Student course registration/enrollment and readmission
  • Add/drop/withdrawal
  • Posting of grades and grade changes
  • Student compliance, GUS checklists and service indicators
UAMS Staff 

Nadine Ledet
Registrar for Catalog and Scheduling

Phone: (501) 526-5624
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • GUS Session Calendaring
  • Class scheduling
  • Student Compliance Tracking
  • Campus Clearance Tracking
  • Registrar Email Account
  • Course catalog updates, course additions and changes
UAMS Staff 

Phyllis Lloyd
Registrar for Student Records and Certification

Phone: (501) 686-6850
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Student name/address changes
  • Transcripts, enrollment and education verifications
UAMS Staff 

Stephen Williams
Registrar for Advising and Transfer Credit

Phone: (501) 526-6612
Fax: (501) 526-3220

  • Academic advising, degree audit development and maintenance
  • Degree progression reporting and tracking
  • Curriculum Maintenance for academic plans and subplans
  • Coordination with academic advising staff and academic units across campus
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation and Coordination of Transfer Credit Evaluation Oversight Team