Students who plan to graduate must submit a Graduation Application via GUS for the term in which a student intends to graduate. The application provides the Office of the University Registrar with essential information about the student’s degree and expected graduation term/year. It also puts the student’s name on the diploma order, degree posting and commencement lists. Failure to complete the application promptly may result in a delay in the graduation arrangements or omission from the commencement programs.

Graduation Application Deadlines

All applications must be submitted via GUS the submission deadline. The deadlines for 2017-2018 graduation are:

  • Fall 2017 Semester – November 1
  • Spring 2018 – February 1
  • Summer 2018 – July 1

Students needing to change their graduation information (i.e. expected graduation term, diploma mailing address, etc.) after the deadline must notify the Office of the University Registrar immediately.

Instructions for Applying to Graduate in GUS

Graduation Fee

Upon receipt of the application for graduation, the graduation fee will be applied to the student account in GUS. In addition, Ph.D. students will be charged a dissertation archiving fee at the same time.  The Graduation Fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee that must be paid regardless of whether the student participates in the commencement activities.

Degree Audit

A Degree Audit will be conducted to determine if the student has successfully completed all the course requirements for the degree. Degrees will not be conferred until the Office of the University Registrar has validated that the following requirements have been successfully met:

  • All grades are posted
  • All program requirements are completed
  • Inter-professional Education (IPE) requirements are met
  • Required GPA is obtained
  • Thesis, dissertation, or doctoral study is submitted, approved and published.

Degree Conferral

Degrees are conferred three times a year – after the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  The official dates for degree conferral are published in the 5-Year Academic Calendar.


Diplomas are available approximately 6-8 weeks after the degree conferral has been processed for Summer and Fall, and are available the Monday following Commencement for Spring. Diplomas may be picked up directly from the Office of the University Registrar. Diplomas not retrieved within 6 weeks following the end of the term will be mailed to the permanent address on file in GUS. You are required to review your post-graduation contact information as soon as possible by logging into GUS. The university is not responsible for diplomas sent to outdated addresses and students will be required to pay a replacement fee if the diploma is reprinted.

The diploma indicates the student’s degree and major field of study but not the concentration or specialization. However, the concentration or specialization is indicated on the official transcript. The size of the diploma is 11” x 14”.

Graduation Honors

Department and University Honors are included in the Commencement Book, available at the Commencement website. Honors designations are not final until after degrees are conferred.


The Commencement ceremony is held once a year on the third Saturday of May.  Students who graduate during the prior Summer and Fall semesters of the academic year are also encouraged to attend the ceremony.  More information are available on the Commencement website.